10 Drama Indonesia yang Harus Ditonton

10 Drama Indonesia yang Harus Ditonton

Drama Indonesia semakin berkembang dan menyajikan kisah-kisah menarik yang patut ditonton. Berikut adalah 10 drama Indonesia yang harus ditonton, menghadirkan beragam tema dan genre untuk memuaskan selera drama pecinta di seluruh Indonesia. Dari romansa yang mengharukan hingga kisah-kisah fiksi yang intens, drama Indonesia kini merajai layar kaca dengan kualitas produksi yang semakin baik dan cerita yang lebih menarik.


Indonesia is a country rich in cultural diversity and boasts an extensive collection of entertainment, including drama productions. From family sagas to love stories, the Indonesian drama industry has something for everyone. This article explores the ten must-watch drama series that capture the heart and soul of Indonesia.

Daftar Sepuluh Drama Indonesia yang Harus Ditonton

1. Si Doel Anak Sekolahan:

Si Doel Anak Sekolahan follows the story of Doel, a young boy living in Jakarta with his mother and step-father. Despite his humble beginnings, Doel is determined to succeed in life and accomplish his dreams. This series is a classic and a must-watch for anyone interested in Indonesian drama.

2. Cinta Fitri:

Cinta Fitri chronicles the life of Fitri, a sweet and kind-hearted girl who is determined to remain true to herself, despite the various challenges that come her way. The show’s themes revolve around the importance of family, friends, and love in one’s life, and it is a great reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself.

3. Anak Langit:

Anak Langit tells the story of Al, a boy living in a small village who dreams of becoming a pilot. Despite the challenges he faces, including financial hardship and personal struggles, Al persists, determined to overcome any obstacle that comes his way.

4. Tukang Ojek Pengkolan:

Tukang Ojek Pengkolan is a hit drama series that follows the lives of various Indonesian families living in the midst of Jakarta’s hustle and bustle. The show highlights the struggles of ordinary people, showcasing the everyday challenges that Indonesians face while living in the capital city.

5. Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta:

Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta follows the romantic lives of various young women living in Jakarta. The series portrays love in a realistic and relatable way, focusing on the everyday struggles of navigating romantic relationships as a young person in today’s society.

6. Kita Nikah Yuk:

Kita Nikah Yuk tells the story of a young couple, Gregor and Ara, who are ready to tie the knot. Despite their respective families’ disapproval, the couple persists, determined to remain true to their love and commitment to each other.

7. Mr. Honest:

Mr. Honest follows the life of a young man named Salahuddin, who is known for his honesty and integrity. The series portrays his struggles and triumphs as a young person who stands up for his beliefs, even in the face of adversity.

8. Mawar dan Melati:

Mawar dan Melati is a classic family drama that tells the story of two sisters, Mawar and Melati. Despite their different personalities and life goals, the sisters remain close, navigating the various challenges that come with family life.

9. Anak Jalanan:

Anak Jalanan follows the life of Street Children in Jakarta, Indonesia. The show highlights the struggles that street children face, including poverty, abuse, and neglect. Despite these challenges, the show portrays the resilience and strength of these young people, shedding light on a critical social issue in Indonesia.

10. Cinta di Langit Taj Mahal:

Cinta di Langit Taj Mahal follows the romantic journey of two young people, Aiman and Maria. The show takes place in various locations, including Indonesia, India, and the Taj Mahal. The show beautifully portrays the importance of love and commitment in one’s life, reminding viewers of the power of true love.


There you have it, ten must-watch Indonesian drama series that capture the heart and soul of Indonesia. From family dramas to romantic sagas, these shows portray a diverse range of themes and issues that are sure to resonate with viewers. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Indonesian culture or simply looking for an impactful, entertaining drama series, these shows are a perfect place to start.

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