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Arjunapulsamurah.com, Kota Malang – 25 small capital business ideas suitable for beginners and profitable in 2023 are presented in this article. Ideas include creative business, personal shopping, makeup artist, graphic design, tailor, business consultant, clothing line, personal trainer, pet supplies store, thrift shop, personal assistant, voice-over, streamer for online store, custom stickers, child care, animal care, angkringan, and hampers.

What are some business ideas for beginners? When you want to start a business, this question may come to your mind. Some business ideas for beginners include creative business ideas, personal shopping, training, frozen food business, makeup artist, content creation, and so on. So, in this article, you can find 25 small capital business ideas that are suitable for beginners and profitable. Come on, read it to the end.

25 Profitable Small Capital Business Ideas for Beginners

Many small capital business ideas are suitable for those of you who are starting a business for the first time. Here are some business ideas you can try and still promise profits in 2023.

1. Creative Business

A creative business produces and sells various handicrafts, such as accessories, wall hangings, placemats for plates and glasses, or souvenirs for various events. Why can you start this business with only small capital, even without capital, if you use a pre-order system? In addition, you need to have the skills to make various kinds of crafts and great creativity.

2. Personal Shoppers

Becoming a personal shopper is a promising business idea. The way it works, you help other people buy the various products they need. For example, buying clothes, jewellery, furniture, or other products. Running this business can also be without capital, you know. This is because personal shopper service users usually make payments first, and then you buy the product according to the order.

3. Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is one of the professions that can become a business idea in 2023. The opportunity is extensive, considering that many people want to look beautiful and charming at certain moments, such as weddings, birthdays, or when they want to attend other official events.

Apart from that, the television, commercial, and theatre industries also need makeup artists to make up the faces of their artists or talents. The capital to run this business, makeup equipment, the ability to apply makeup, and the ability to promote the business.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic designers need expertise in various design techniques, such as typography, illustration, and photography, to create aesthetically pleasing and practical works conveying messages. Types of work, including making logos, posters, brochures, infographics, or advertising materials. Both for digital ads and print ads. This business idea is on the rise in the digital era and is much sought after by business people.

5. Tailor

If you have expertise in sewing, there are several business ideas that you can do, including:

  • Opening a sewing shop strategically and providing sewing services according to consumer needs, such as sewing clothes, repairing clothes, and sewing accessories.
  • Create unique and personalized sewing products such as clothes, accessories, hats, bags, dolls, blankets, bed sheets and other products. Then, products are sold online.
  • Make clothes for special events, such as weddings, formal events, or other occasions that require clothes that match the theme and character.
  • Work with certain brands to make clothes with designs that match the brand’s character. For example, sewing employee uniforms.
  • Making sewing products, such as flags, banners, or other sewing products for companies or organizations.
  • Opens sewing courses for people who want to learn sewing.

6. Business Consultants

Do you know the business, marketing, management, or business development strategies? If so, there is a business idea that is right for you, namely, becoming a business consultant. To start this business, you need good communication skills, an extensive network or networking, supporting certificates, and the ability to promote your services to get customers.

7. Clothing Line

The business of making and selling clothing is called a clothing line. There are several aspects that you must have if you want to run this business idea, including:

  • You need to know the tastes and needs of the market about the clothes you want to sell. This can be done by observing current fashion trends, conducting surveys, and identifying who your competitors are.
  • Able to design unique clothing collections according to market trends and needs. You also need to consider the cost of production and the corresponding selling price.
  • Already have a design for an effective promotional strategy to introduce your product to the market. Including online and offline marketing, participating in exhibitions, or working with other clothing stores.

Small Capital Business Idea as a Personal Trainer

8. Personal Trainers

Becoming a personal trainer also has the potential to bring in profits. Moreover, this business idea is also suitable for beginners. The capital must specialize in a particular field along with supporting certificates. For example, being a personal trainer in sports and already having an ACE, NASM, or NSCA license. Use the license as an added value that shows you are competent in that field.

9. Pet Supplies Store

The focus of the business idea of ​​opening a pet needs shop is to provide a variety of products and services that pets need, such as food, equipment, accessories and grooming services. You can take advantage of the space at home first, then prepare various products that sell well.

10. Thrift Shop business

If you have a hobby of collecting unique used goods, then the thrift shop business idea is perfect for you to try. Thrift shops usually sell used goods that are still good and usable, such as clothes, household furniture, books, electronics, and so on. Apart from being in a physical store, you can start this business by selling online.

11. Personal Assistant

Having a hobby of setting schedules can also be a professional business idea, namely, becoming a personal assistant or virtual secretary. Some tasks you perform as a virtual secretary include administrative and time management services for individuals or companies. This includes managing schedules, organizing travel, and handling emails, payments, and projects.

12. Voice Over

Having a beautiful voice not only has the opportunity to become a singer or radio announcer, but you can also become a voice-over. This business idea is very promising for the next few years; it can even bring big profits, especially if your service is a subscriber-based streaming service, such as Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and others.

13. Streamer for Olshop

Becoming a streamer for a shop means that you help market and sell products from an online store. So, it would help if you did live streaming to promote and sell products live. The profit you get can be a sales commission, salary, or the difference between selling and buying prices.

14. Custom stickers

Custom stickers are usually needed to make product promotion stickers, name labels, or other stickers. It would help if you had a sticker-making machine to produce the best quality stickers. In addition, design skills are needed because sometimes a customer asks for a design for the sticker he wants to make. You can run this business offline or online.

15. Child Care

You can do this business by opening a daycare or babysitting service. Daycare usually provides facilities and services, ranging from food, sleep, and activities for children. Meanwhile, the babysitting service provides childcare services at the parent’s home.

16. Animal Custody

The idea for an animal care business is a type of business that provides pet care services, such as dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and others. Usually, people will look for animal care when they are too busy to take care of their pets properly.

It could also be because the owner wants to travel for quite a long time. Services you should provide include regular feeding and watering, health care, providing various activities for pets, and providing attention.

Angkringan Business Ideas

17. Angkringan

The angering business is often touted as economical but can bring huge profits. Because running this business is enough to use the bombing as a place to display food and tarpaulins or as an excuse for sitting on the floor.

You can open this business on a busy street and move to another place to get more customers. Food usually sold includes market snacks, fried foods, packaged rice, hot drinks, and others.

For example, if you provide premium types of food, you still have to maintain the characteristics of an angkringan so that angkringan lovers will want to visit your angkringan.

18. Hampers

The hampers business is the business of making gifts in decorated baskets or containers. The contents, such as pastries, eating and drinking utensils, skincare products, and even books, can vary.

You only need the capital to make a few examples of hampers, carry out promotions, or take product photos. If someone places an order, that person must make a payment first; then, you can process the order.

To clarify this hampers business idea, you can read several articles that specifically review this business. Here are the recommendations:

19. Groceries and Household Needs Stores

Staple food and other household needs are one of the needs that must be met every day. So, opening a home-scale grocery shop is still quite promising.

But to realize this business idea, you need quite a lot of capital. For example, to buy a display case, buy various essential food products, shelves to display products, refrigerators, and so on.

20. Rent Baby Equipment

The baby equipment and equipment rental business still promise big profits, given the high birth rate in Indonesia. Mothers choose to rent baby gear because it is more economical and doesn’t take long to use. Some baby equipment usually rented out includes cribs, strollers, toiletries, wardrobes, swings, toys, and so on.

21. Call spa services

On-call spa services mean that you perform spa services and treatments, from hair and facial to body treatments. But in running this business, you don’t need a special place. It is enough to have spa equipment and materials.

Maintenance is done at your home when someone needs your services. For example, for one treatment for IDR 250,000 to IDR 350,000, you can calculate it yourself. How much income will you get if you have 5 customers/per day? So, for your calling spa services to sell well, you must be diligent in promotions.

22. Photography Business

The photography business is also growing in the digital era; there are many types. You can determine the specialization of the photography business you are running, for example, only serving product photos, photography for newborns, photography studios for all needs, and so on.

23. Service Laptop Calls

This laptop service business opportunity is minimal, you know. You only need tools such as screwdrivers, teens, and so on, and expertise to repair laptops. Meanwhile, the market share is high, and almost every home currently has a laptop.

The first step to carrying out this business idea is building personal branding and promotions, for example, by utilizing social media, creating websites, distributing flyers, distributing business cards, and so on. Later if there are customers who need laptop repair services, all you have to do is come and make repairs at their homes.

24. Costume Rental

The costume rental business idea can also be an option for those who are still beginners. Even though there are many players in this business, the potential is still high, and the profits are significant. For the initial stage, you can start by renting regional clothing for children. This is because this is the potential market and most often use traditional clothing for certain holidays.

Later, when profits have been collected and can be used as additional capital, you will decide to provide other costumes. For example, party dresses, graduation clothes complete with hats, specific theme costumes, traditional clothes for adults, and so on. The success of this business lies in good customer service, a complete collection of costumes, and the cleanliness of the costumes.

25. Boarding Children’s Catering

There are many stories of boarding children living overseas with limited remittances. At the same time, they may be unable to cook their food because the boarding house doesn’t provide a kitchen or because they need more time to cook. Finally, they will prefer catering instead of buying their food.

Those who are good at cooking can use this skill to open a unique catering business for boarding children. Make a weekly menu list complete with the price of one package. Try to keep the price affordable and friendly for the pockets of boarding children.

Then, distribute the menu list to boarding houses. If the menu for one day costs IDR 40,000, then for one customer, you will get IDR 1,200,000. Imagine how much your gross income will be in a month if you have only 10 customers.

Of the 25 business ideas above, is there anything that makes you interested in trying it? Suppose something else suits you, and you are still looking for other business ideas that are more promising and can be started without capital. In that case, you need to read the following article: 13 Online Businesses Without Capital For Additional Income.


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